Monday, January 10, 2005

Time for pg's thoughts on '24' aka I've been shot, stabbed, tortured and drugged and it's only 10am.

If you haven't seen the last two episodes, do not continue. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

It's been a while and I didn't realize how much I missed it. Four seasons and I've realized now that I could never watch this program with an un-inititated individual. I just have too much fun making predictions and making fun of scowls.

Here are some brief observations. I note that they are brief because, I can't separate the two episodes in my head and I need to make room for the two new episodes that will air tonight. God I hope Fox doesn't pull a 4 eps now and the new ep in four weeks crap.

  • Jack will never stay away from field work. He may try all he wants and although he does look mighty healthy and lickable since he's started working with the Secretary of Defense, he will always be Mr. Scruffy-play-against-the-rules-knee shooting Jack. Hence 55 minutes into the first ep and he's already broken the command hierarchy.

  • CTU folks, change your friggin' passcodes once in a while. Heck, I have to change my gagillion passcodes at work every 3 months. A counter terrorism unit of the United States Government must have better security than an institution for higher edumacation.

  • When I saw new CTU Jack in his cheap bomber jacket I knew he'd be dead before episode 3. Remember, Kiefer is also the executive producer and he'll make sure "There can only be one" cool leather jacket wearing man. BTW, you can't be a field op and not take initiative. Dude, if you have to call your 'mommy' for approval for everything, expect to be shot at while on hold.

  • Ok, writers. We know you have to show that CTU just ain't CTU without Jack but heck, Almeida is looking much smarter than Driscoll. Please give us plausible reasons for her actions and not make it a girl-is-in-over-her-head deal.

  • If you date Jack Bauer, expect to be either shot at, kidnapped and/or killed within 24 hours. That's the breaks.

  • Why did it go from all women were brunettes in season one to White Oleander for seasons two through four? Why are the only brunette women either women we love to hate or just plain evil?

  • Thank you. Thank you. Not since Knots Landing have I enjoyed the pleasure of William Devane's smarmy smile. Thank you.

  • When your dad is the Security of Defense, you better believe he needs an entourage, Fortunate son. Daddy's right, btw, they only want your smells-like-teen-spirit-ass to talk because he is your daddy. Now go to your unused laundry room and go cry me a river

  • 5 years of American influence on a teenage Muslim equals some serious rebelling and boy howdy will it be fun to see.

  • Finally, can't the writers think of a better name than Debbie for the typical American teen? Is Betty Sue being used for another character?