Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Smelly human or Mariachi band? Which makes for the worst commuter companion in the AM?

Today is officially Commute from Hell day.

Everyone I know has had a horrendous commute.

Today’s winner though comes from a colleague who spent 15 mins waiting for a bus, 10 mins on the train to get through two stops, 25 mins in said train’s car waiting for the MTA employees to manually open every single car door to let everyone out, another 15 waiting for another train to take him one stop to his office.

I spent 25 mins waiting for a bus and another 15 mins hailing a cab.

I haven’t heard from Lrudlrick so for all I know he’s still on the ‘A’ trying to make it into work.

Oh and I think my co-worker thinks I’m an insensitive prick for saying that I can’t stand the ‘Sick Passenger” delay reason. Ok, I’m a nice person but why does a sick person always have to be on the train proceeding my train? Why am I stuck in the tunnel of hell while they assess the person? Now, you cannot tell me as a New Yorker you have not laughed at the comedian who said “Why can’t they throw her out onto the platform to wait for the EMS?” Ok, out of context I probably do sound like a jack ass. Now, don’t send me emails or comments about how callous and insensitive I am. I am a loveable person, I swear.

Other winners are “Indefinite delays” and the teaser train, the train that shows up but isn’t taking any passengers. The teaser train flashes it’s lights down that dark tunnel as if it’s a sign of hope to only blow past you with such speed that it seems as if the train is laughing at you as it passes you.