Monday, January 17, 2005

Mini-rant on perception.....

Fear of perception is the need to determine your actions by how they will be perceived by others. My mother will deny it but she’s extremely concerned with what others think. Granted we all are concerned with other people’s opinions. Some take it to another level where it’s a personal assault on one’s being.

Maybe it’s the culture she grew up in. I try telling her that if she lives her life by how people perceive her, she’ll never be happy because not everyone has to agree with you or like you. Besides, there is no reason to live a life that doesn’t truly reflect what you are inside.

For me comfort level is everything. If I’m not comfortable in my own skin, then how can I be comfortable anywhere else. Someone will always criticize, especially on my mom’s side. I swear my aunts came out of my grandma’s womb with a critique on how tight, hot and/or confining it was. If you believe in your choice then stick to it. No one is right all the time. There is no right or wrong in most cases. I believe it’s just another path you take. How else are you going to learn? If everyone took the same path, it would be a rather boring life.