Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Cause it's time in time with your time..."

Would you or should you feel awkward about displaying your cross? That’s the question I found myself contemplating the other day as I got dressed for work.

Would wearing my cross be a detriment to my future advancement career-wise? There has always been an unsaid said about declaring your affiliations at all the companies I’ve worked at. Unlike political affiliations, memos are not sent out stating the office etiquette of religious symbols.

In corporate America, there is an underlying rule that your dress should be as ethnically homogenous as possible. Have we adjusted these rules to include religious symbols?

In times of uncertainty and corporate games of Axis and Allies, is it best to play the game or stay true to one’s desire to wear a yarmulke?

Honestly, I prefer to wear my cross but can go without it if I choose to. From time to time, I do not wear my cross. I don’t feel the need to display my beliefs with a metal object. I believe my actions should display my true beliefs.

In my career, I’ve noticed the difficulties for women in corporate America to get ahead. There is still an awful amount of ‘boys club’ mentality out there. Even women of prominence aren’t immune. I’ve seen intellectual, business savvy women pulled down. If you add to this gender struggle, children, family and religion, the climb up seems riddled with impediments.

Because of this, I’ve never seen myself or really wanted to climb the corporate ladder. I’ve seen too many women sacrifice home, relationships and family for work. Yet, I can’t help feel as if I need to concern myself with where I fall and where I should be in my career.

Loyalty and hard work don’t cut it anymore. If I want to keep doing what I do I have to decide if I want to play and unfortunately, this isn’t touch football.

Will wearing a symbol of one man’s struggles and sacrifices to save humanity become another impediment? If so, how sad is society? Would I want to be in that world?

As I continue to ponder this and the many choices I will have to make in my career, I keep putting on my cross. The day will come when I have to make a choice though. Family or career? Home life or career? Please let me never have to decide conviction or career.

Disclaimer: This entry is only a contemplation and does not reflect issues with my current employer. In addition, by no means should this be interpreted to be a statement on any single employer. This includes my teen years as a check out girl at the local drugstore.