Friday, August 05, 2005

Miscellanies from the Berkshires:

Apple Orchards on Kripalu's grounds

The $2.25 tag sale
Where I got a Gap dress, a cast iron dipping bowl, a ceramic bowl and a set of bangle bracelets for $2.25.

Chocolate Springs Cafe
Where chocoholics go to die. Did I mention they make their own ice cream.

Lee Outlets
Where you can go shopping, find great deals, like a $10.00 picnic serving set at Eddie Bauer and not have to fight swarms of shoppers.

The Scenic views
The mills, the lakes, the blue skies and the farms

How to tell when you're in New York (Taconic area) vs. Massachusetts (Berkshire Area)
Essentially, when the traffic picks up, the road begins to get bumpy and the farms look unlived in, you’ve hit New York. Oh, and tailgating becomes the norm on an empty road.

Book to read:
If Buddha Came to Dinner

“I was talking about coffee.”
“Oh. I was talking about the act of coughing.”

“Your ass is dry?”
“Yes, let’s proclaim that at the sharing circle. Hi, My name is Pantrygirl and I’d like to share that my ass is dry.”

“Ok, now my ass is wet.” -- after a kayaking excursion

Butterflies like thongs too