Thursday, August 25, 2005

“You are not complaining. You are standing up for yourself. There is a difference.” -- Lrudlrick

I’m not a complainer at work. I do my job as best I can and move on. However, I’m feeling compelled to bitch to my boss. See, there is this woman I shall call Fakey. Fakey is one of those people that speak in a fake low volume high pitched voice. A 35+ woman shouldn’t have clicks but she does. She forms clicks that make the Heather’s click seem tame. I know I've justed dated myself. Let's just say that when people mention Fakey, they all mention the fact that she requires her click to dress like an airline stewardesses. If you don't pay attention, you could mistake her office to be the United Airlines staff lounge.

Anyway, obviously, I’m not part of her click nor do I care to which means, I’m on the shit list. Well, every time I have a project that involves her click, no matter how infinitesimal a task, she makes a high holy stink to my boss about it. She doesn’t speak to me. She doesn’t respect me enough to do so, so she runs screaming to momma bear.

What the f&#%! I’m sorry but this pisses Pantrygirl to the point of major expletives.

So my latest project didn’t involve her and her click but because of job swaps, she’s gotten a hold of it. Sure enough, she calls my boss not 15 minutes ago and blasts that it’s too much work for her and that she should have been consulted.

First of all, she wasn’t part of the initial project plan. She just got the damn job handed down to her. The people initially involved were informed and still are being updated.

Secondly, if you simply called me and said you got the project handed to you, I'd fill you in on the status and add you to the weekly status report.

I’m so peeved by her childish attacks, I’m about to go in to my bosses office and plainly say, “I’m not sure what I’ve done to provoke her but it seems that every time I have a project that loosely involves her, issues arise around her end of the project and things get blown out of proportion.”

I’m so livid, I feel like steam is rising from my skull.

Ok. Breathe......

I just came back from my boss. It didn’t come out as aggressively as I thought it would. But essentially she agreed that she’s blowing things out of proportion. “You know how she gets. She starts panicking. Let’s just get everyone at the same table and make ourselves clear.” I then made sure to tell her that I kept all departments in the loop via emails, calls and even face to face time. I feel better but would feel better if I was able to attend the face time. I’ve made a decision that if I have to go in to work before my doctor’s appointment, so be it.

Oh, and me staying up from 3am-5:30am to read Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince has nothing to do with my short fuse today.