Wednesday, August 24, 2005

An open letter to Mayor Mike

Mayor Bloomberg:

I like what you’ve done so far with our city.   Now, I'm not a Republican and I don't always agree with you and your actions but after the tragedies in 2001, we needed a businessman who could focus on ensuring our financial burdens would not cripple our city.  Fears of economic slides similar to those from the 70’s were rumored.  Yet you were able to not only continue but increase the development to ensure the city continued to prosper.

However, as a young couple, living in the city it is getting harder and harder for us to stay.  Looking at the Sunday Real Estate section of the Times has made our Sunday mornings an expletive filled ritual for me and my husband.  It has become a reality to us that in order to start a family, in order to save for our retirement, we will need to leave the lovely comforts of the city.

To find a community in the rough and tumble city is no easy feat.  We have found a community in our neighborhood, a circle of neighbors, residents and friends whom I’d love to have my children know.  But the likelihood that he/she will not experience the spirit of the city is low because we simply cannot afford the sky rocketing real estate prices.

We are not alone in our sentiments.  Many of our friends, families and colleagues are leaving their homes to more affordable areas.  For the city to lose so many young couples and families will be a detriment to the economic well being of the city.  What will we have left?

I kindly ask you to look into your heart and help us stay in the city.  We’re a young, hard-working couple with the hope of starting a family.  Both born and raised in the city, we have spent most of our lives in NYC and hope to continue our professional growth here.  Our parents and grandparents came to New York with the hopes and dreams of prosperity for their families.  We would like to continue the spirit of our parents and grandparents held dear.

Through church events and community boards, we are active members of our community.  We hold our neighborhood dear to our hearts and commit our time and energy to better our city.

I’m sure you agree that we live and work in the best place on earth.  Please help us continue to contribute to her growth and spirit.