Friday, August 12, 2005

Next he'll have us in a Winnebago.

My husband is preparing me for another move again. I guess I need to realize that as long as we’re together, we’ll be mobile people. I’m not adverse to moving, I just prefer to stay in one place for at least 5 years.

The major problem with Lrudlrick’s penchant towards moving often is money. The real estate market is insane. At this rate the only place we’ll be able to move to is Staten Island or the Bronx and honestly, there is no reason for us to move if that’s the case.

The only other option is to rent and wait the whole real estate boom out. I am not adverse to renting. Unlike my feelings last year that it would be two steps back in my plans, it would be ok for now. The problem is I’ve fallen in love with my neighborhood and I doubt I’ll find any place in the area as beautiful.

When I say prepare, I mean prepare. He'll throw a statement out and give me a few weeks to sink it in. Then he'll drop the subject. Then when I least expect it he'll throw it out again but this time with a plan of action that's been circulating in his brain for 4 weeks.

Do all men do this?

Essentially a woman’s verbosity allows for their spouse to know what’s causing the hamster wheels to turn. Men are the complete opposite. One day, you’re sitting there reading a book and from the across the room you here, “I think we should buy a new car.”

No reasons. Just a blunt statement. “Uh. Ok. Why?” “It’s time.” “But it’s only been two years with C4.” “Yeah, but we could trade it in and get a used car and save on the payments.” “Uh. Ok.” “What do you think about a beamer.”

What do I think about a beamer? I’d think monthly payments on a used beamer are probably the same or higher than our current monthly payments. That’s what I think about a beamer.

But alas, I refrain and say, “Ok. If we can save money, sure.”

So in a few weeks, I suspect I’ll be going to a bunch of open houses again and doing my Saturday ritual of going through the Real Estate section of the Times.
Going through the Real Estate section of the Times can send anyone who doesn’t have ‘Trump’ tacked onto their name into a spiraling depression.

I recently stopped looking at it just because it was so damn depressing. How the hell do people afford anything in NY? I used to share my dismay with Lrudlrick but decided there is not need for two people to be depressed.

“Look, there asking for $1.5 mil for a 450 square ft apartment with 1100 ft of outdoor space! That’s ridiculous!”