Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"Good night Sweatheart. Well, it's time to go"

This is my second trip to my doctor and it’s the last. It’s the end of our relationship.

After another hellish trip to 91st Street, I find out he doesn't take my insurance carrier anymore. "Well, you only have a $695 deductible. You can still see him out of pocket." I left pissed. I no longer have lost feelings for this broken relationship.

Now, I have to find a new doctor. I call Lrudlrick to rant and he proceeds to tell me about rentals on the eastside. Lrudlrick wants us to move again. I’ve spoken of this before but we always figured we’d stay on the Westside. We both work on the Westside. It would only be logical. Of course, I forget that logical isn’t always logical in my husband’s mind.

Anyway, I wasn’t about to get into it with him so I walked my butt over to the bus stop to get crosstown. At the opposite side of the street I noticed it sitting at the stop. I immediately haul butt and get to the front of the bus. I knock on the door and the bus driver doesn’t open the door. I knock on the door and he won’t even look at me. He just nods his head.

“What! Are you serious? You’re just sitting at the stop!” Then the light turned green and it started to pull away. Then I did something I never did in my entire life. It wasn’t planned nor was it of my own volition. Something took control of my right arm. The inconvenience of having to go to work for a meeting before my appointment hit me. All that frustration from the morning commute to the eastside came seeping in. All the aggravation of being in a waiting room for 20 minutes before being told my doctor doesn’t accept my plan. The arrogance of being told I could pay out of pocket poured out. My arm went up in a right angle and gestured upwards.

I looked at my arm as if it was possessed. Where the hell did that come from? At least my fingers stayed in a fist shape but still. I looked liked I was gesturing like an old man. I swear I heard my inner self say, “Damn, you must be really mad.”

A bus finally came 10 minutes later and I spent the time cowering in my seat. What if the bus driver radioed all the other bus drivers of what I did? “Be on the lookout for a 5’3” Asian wearing tan crop pants and a Yankee cap. She nearly flipped me the bird.”

Now I have to add this to my confession. Great.

On a quick note: I hope everyone on the Gulf Coast is safe. We got married in NOLA and have relatives in Alabama. Be safe all.