Monday, August 29, 2005

Hot tumble dry action in the laundry room

Last night I did something I never thought I’d ever have to do. I sorted through some strange person’s laundry. Actually, it was my neighbor’s laundry but it’s still strange. Remember, how I mentioned how the laundry duties have been distributed between me and Lrudlrick? Do you remember how I said it’s sort of working out now that he does the actual lugging of the clothes down to the laundry room, sorting and washing as I fold?

Well, we hit a snag last night. As I was sitting in the bedroom watching 'The Courtship of Eddie’s Father', Lrudlrick comes in with an armful of wet clothes.

pg:“What are those?”
L:“Your delicates.”
pg: “They’re not delicates and they’re not mine.”
L: “Yes they are. They’re women clothes.”
pg: “Yes, those are women clothes but they aren’t mine.”
L: “Oh God! Are you sure? Quick, you need to go downstairs with me to sort our clothes before she comes back!”

As I stood downstairs with my head in a giant dryer drum, the first thought in my mind was, how can Lrudlrick not realize that the laundry tripled in size since it was sorted and washed? Then it got worse.

Clearly the clothing that belonged to the stranger was not for an under 60 year old. The clothing also looked to belong to a woman with an Amazonian build. Plenty of housecoat-like items and what I will describe as granny pants were mixed in with our laundry.

L: “Is this yours?” holds up a one piece bathing suit with giant Nurse Diesel foam pads in the breast area.
pg: “No.”
L: “How about this?” holds up a pair of orthopaedic stockings.
pg: “Are you serious? No.”
L: “This?” holds up a pair of large Bridget Jones granny panties with tummy control support.
pg: “I’m starting to get insulted now.”
L: “Shhh! Careful what you say.”
pg: “Ditto!”
After ten minutes of sorting, we placed our neighbor’s clothing in a laundry cart and headed to the stairs in silence.

L: “Remember, for better or worse. Right?”

I looked at him and we busted out laughing. Before next week’s wash, I think I might need to mark my clothes like I did before summer camp.