Wednesday, August 03, 2005

“I wonder if anyone ever tried to have Domino’s delivered here.”

So, pg, what was it like living without meat? It wasn’t a concern of mine. I’m generally open to all foods so I knew I’d be fine with it. What I didn’t expect was that the food would be so filling. The only time I felt hungry was on Friday evening after a self-imposed fast. The fast was suggested so I could prepare for my Ayurvedic massage.
Although I wasn’t keen on the scrambled tofu, the Spinach and Tofu Curry was delicious. Every meal offered at least 1 soup and the freshest bread I’ve tasted served from a camp kitchen. Judy, thanks for slapping a huge hunk of bread on my tray the first day. I felt like a giant pig but it was darn tasty.

Now, Judy swears this isn’t the case in a vegetarian lifestyle but I’ll tell you, I wasn’t able to go the bathroom while I was there. I’m not sugar coating it folks. I couldn’t poop. Lord knows I had enough fiber, fruit and vegetables to keep my tracks clear, but for the life of me, I never felt the urge to go.

My massage therapist said that part of the massage after effects would be loose bowels. Well, I’m here to tell you that my bowels weren’t loose or moving during my entire visit.
At one point I ate two grapefruits, a banana and bran crackers. Nothing.

During the last day, I tried an organic coffee. I figured coffee always makes me go. Well, I guess organic coffee doesn’t have the same properties of Starbucks because my bowels weren’t budging.

I didn’t even fart. I burped once but that was in the car on the way home after another weak cup of coffee.

Ok, pg, enough of the ass talk, tell me about Yoga. How was your first experience? Well, I didn’t actually get to take a class. I can’t explain it. The days were packed but not busy yet we never made it to a Yoga class. Whenever we’d look at the schedule of events, something always seemed more interesting. “We really should take a yoga class while we’re here.” “Yeah, but there’s always tomorrow.”

So what did you do? We hung out here:

The Lake