Thursday, October 14, 2010

More potty talk

Today, TG stopped what she was doing, told me she had to sit on the potty and went to the potty and immediately proceeded to pee. She had spent an entire hour without a diaper on.
We were in the midst of a very strong duet of 'We are the Dinosaurs'. She plays the acoustic guitar and I play the bass guitar (a toy guitar we removed batteries from due to its annoying factor). Actually, I think my daughter thinks any electric guitar is a bass guitar. Her favorite artists all play acoustic guitars.
Anyway, we are still following our child led potty training and so far so good. I'm actually beginning to think that size 5 may be were we stop with everyday diapers. Now, I know I'm nowhere near the end of potty training. I have naptime training, bedtime training. outdoor training, poop training and whatnot to contend with. I also know there are setbacks. She was fine peeing on the potty at 18 months but when she turned 2, she wanted nothing to do with it.
Maybe I'm just looking forward to not losing my wallet on diapers every month but for now, I'm just going to smile and savor the accomplishment for the day.