Sunday, October 24, 2010

I need more days like this one.

I had the best day in a very long time today.
All this stress with home and work has been really bringing me down and making me a sourpuss.
Today was a blessed day.
At mass, I prayed long and hard and have been asking Mary to give me some guidance as I battle these feelings of anxiety. I still don't understand the hippie commune life that DH seems to enjoy but I'm trying.
I'm also realizing that many of my prayers of late have been for me and my anxiety but I'm going to switch it around and when I feel the need to pray, I'm going to do so for others. I need to get away from me for awhile.
After mass, I expected to take TG for a day while DH stayed home and studied. Instead, he offered to drive us and stay in the car and study.
Since our events were on the west and eastside of the city, I didn't protest.
Our first stop was a book reading by a NYC mom. Her book, Soup Day, seemed like the perfect book for us right now. TG loves her soup. The author was also gracious enough to offer activities. She had coloring events and glueing and cutting and even homemade soup. TG is still a tad young but had a great time glueing alphabet noodles onto her soup bowl.
TG took a nap in the car as I completed some household errands and then we headed over to see her favorite band, Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players.
She woke up and exclaimed, "Go See Justin?" We arrived and let me tell you, she was strumming her guitar, dancing and even went to the front of the stage. DH and I recalled how the first time she saw him, she was reluctant to leave my lap. Now, she's running around, doing her made up dance routines and singing along. Every time we see them, she seems to blossom even more. Oh, yes, she had her own routines for specific songs. It's hysterical. She is two and a choreographer.
Afterwards, we went to grab a bite to eat and then spent the evening at Central Park awaiting the witch of the lake. TG skipped the pumpking painting and carving and went straight to storytime and the playground.
We had fun naming the different costumes and then when the sun set, we all gathered at the edge of the lake to look for the witch of the lake and the caravan of jack-o-lanterns. Kids can carve a pumpkin and submit it to be part of the evening parade.
It's a lot of fun as kids try to find their jack-o-lanterns in the dark.
I was wondering if TG would be afraid as it is a bit spooky having a witch paddling a canoe full of lit pumpkins but she turned to me and said, "She's swimming like a duck!" Yes, TG, the witch is swimming like a duck.
We headed home and I thought she'd be pooped from all the activities but as soon as she saw Tash, she was ready to go again and spent some time with her dad playing with Tash.
I honestly had a wonderful day today. It was nice to have little breaks with DH, even if it was just to eat together or drive around but it felt really nice to be together and still get things done we needed or wanted to get done.
I think my husband felt it too as he said he had a nice time as well.