Monday, October 11, 2010

Day of rest and recuperation

After two nights of altered routine, my toddler is a big ball of toddler. DH and I have decided the next two days will simply be following her queues and getting back to her routine.
She was a super trooper during the rehearsal dinner and wedding. The crowds and loud noise are not her particular favorite things but she hung in there. She had several meltdowns as the sleepies started setting in but she was wonderful.
She slept hard last night.
Since we didn't nurse the whole day, she made up for it today. I don't mind.
Oh, someone asked me about the Yankees hair bows and clips. I never did find them but I bought a lanyard (overpriced as you would expect) and took a pair of pliers, pulled out the ribbon and made it into a ribbon for her hair. I made a ponytail, flipped it in and tied the ribbon around the ponytail holder. I then took one of the pretty handmade flower clips my mom made and stuck it on top.
She didn't fiddle with them at all.
The only thing she asked was to remove her cheap shoes. I wasn't about to spend $50+ for dress shoes. She never wears them. Since her dress is floor length, we just let walk around in her socks.
On both nights, we changed her into her pajamas around 10pm and DH took her to the car to drive her to sleep.