Saturday, October 23, 2010

No accidents

I'd talk about potty learning and how my daughter consistently goes to the potty when she's alone at home with me sans diaper but even that doesn't seem as awe inspiring or as congratulatory as I would like.
Right now, it seems like it's just another highlight of our parenting style differences.
I have no problem having my daughter sans diaper in the privacy of our home so she can learn to sense when she needs to potty.
DH expects that we should go from diapers to underwear once TG maintains a dry diaper. (I understand DH's apprehension. I've been there too but honestly, if I had a diaper on, I'd probably pee in it instead of stopping what I was doing. Sadly, that's because I have no time in the day with all the grown up to dos. If I was a toddler and I had to choose between playing with my toy train set or going to the potty and waiting for Mommy or Daddy to wipe me, I'd probably stay by my train and pee into my diaper.)
I'm pretty proud of TG and myself for growing to the point where she has learned to pee in the potty. I'm proud of myself for growing to the point where I trust her and allow her to go sans diaper for such a long period of time. (I have a lot of stress over bodily fluids and my husband's leather couch. It makes my nervous stomach act up just thinking about it.
I know it's a long road still but we've both grown together and I'm pretty proud of our accomplishment even if it seems small in the larger scope.