Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wedding to dos

We are on a mission today. Exchange our white flower girl shoes and find some type of NY Yankees hair bows or ribbons. Oh and practice waking down the aisle
My brother is getting married this Sunday.
TG is the flower girl.
For the last three days, we've been practicing walking down our hallway throwing 'Uncle Papers' on the floor. So far, she's run down the hallway, then thrown the 'flowers', walked down the hallway picking up flowers and screamed for me to walk down the hallway throwing flowers.
Her shoes are too big so I need to exchange them asap.
As for the NY Yankees hair stuff, bro is a big fan and at first I was going to embroider her socks but then time flew by and I said, "Eh, we'll find some hair designs."
It's going to be a busy day.