Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pie and Eats

Placed 3rd at local pie contest. It was a last minute entry. I wanted to cook something a little different than my usual cooking fair for the hubby and child. Figured, I'd bake a pie and not worry about having to eat it. The pie sales go towards the neighborhood children's harvest festival so it was a win win. Placing was a nice and much needed pat on the back though.
TG also was old enough to begin to understand some of the games at the festival. She was still too young for most but she got to decorate the brown paper bags, a wooden whistle and play the beanbag toss game.
She was also fascinated with the local fiddlers group. The youngest member is 3 and she kept staring at her as she played.
Afterwards, we had a nap that went past rehearsals. I made a lovely flower girl if I must say so. She was up for dinner though and although she was groggy, after the food kicked in, she was her happy and jolly self.