Friday, October 15, 2010

Friends, Yours and Mine

Last night I went to Mom's Night Out. Once a month a group of moms in our neighborhood get together to have a drink and decompress.
I missed it last month because DH had school.
I asked him to skip class this once just so I could go. I really needed it.
It was too short in my opinion but much needed.
I was exhausted and tired but after the day I had, I really wanted to have other moms to commiserate with.
It made me realize something that I've voiced before but it's coming up again.
I like to have my daughter interact with other kids in our neighborhood outside of my husband's circle of kids. Unfortunately, DH doesn't see it in the schedule for that to happen. So I try to do so when I'm with her.
It makes it more tiring for me but it really means a lot to me so I try.
Now the past week has been awful with timing because we've been dealing with the repercussions of a crazy schedule for my brother's wedding but I need to get back to it again.
There isn't anything wrong with the kids in my husband's circle. I love them all. They are great kids and they make me smile. I'd just like TG to continue her connections with some of my friends too.
DH says that he can't make it to play time with them because of scheduling conflicts and that he abhors any structured classes.
I'm not saying she needs to be scheduled for every class but I feel like that may be the only way to get her to meet with new people or see some of her old friends.
DH: It's not like she's old enough to do these arts and crafts at these classes.
Well, I proved she is by taking her some classes and letting her actual do some. I also proved it by making my own arts and craft projects with her at home and she did them. I think that's just an excuse.
Maybe it is more of a openness thing. I'm not an open person and DH wants everything to be open.