Monday, October 18, 2010

Plays well with others, not

Maybe it's not about being open but my boundaries.
My boundaries are such that I enjoy a person's company but when I get home, I like to get home. I like to put on my monkey pants and literally carry my toddler on my back while I make dinner. Ok, maybe I could hold off on the back carry a little bit.
DH believes we don't have the boundaries anymore.
Our other neighbors that flank us on the left do. They have two boys and the only time we see them is occasionally at the park or in the laundry room.
That's about it. Friendly banter, occasional play and that is it.
One mom suggested that it would have been easier for me to adjust if a playdate was established. Another mom said her general rule is unless we know each other, the witching hours (4-6pm and 6-9am) are off limits.
I think they are both right. I think the unfortunate timing of the first three encounters (right after work, first thing in the morning and first thing in the morning) is what set me off. Add to it my husband starting it off and leaving me to finish it. That wasn't tempering the smoldering flames.
If we established a playdate to get the kids together, I'd probably be more comfortable with future impromptu pop overs.
Lord knows that with TG's other neighbor friends, we've each helped each other out with a witching hour last minute get together.
So now I have to rectify this with some kind of social etiquette. I suppose I'll just schedule a playdate with her kid. I mean, isn't that what you are supposed to do anywho or am I just a cynical loner New Yorker?