Sunday, October 03, 2010

Socializing a dog with a toddler

Extremely harried day today.
A long awaited children's concert was much loved by TG.
Then we shuttled to Queens to celebrate my sister's (SIL but she's my sister) impending wedding.
It was a lot for me, let alone TG. TG had a solid nap in the car and joined the festivities afterwards.
Tasha has become our traveling pet. She pretty much goes where we go. She's still very young so we need to wait until she's older to introduce her to other pets in public areas but we're also trying to socialize her and get her used to being handled.
With toddlers coming in and out of our place, we want Tasha to be comfortable with the noise, excitement and possible toddler handling.
So far her personality seems to be amenable to kids and being hugged and held and petted and gently tugged on.
Every day I make it a point to rub her ears and play with her teeth and spread her paws out a bit just so she's used touch.
TG isn't too keen on Tasha off leash and prefers her closed off but loves holding her on a leash and will happily 'assist' with walking Tasha in the house with the leash.
I think DH is right, with a puppy in the house, TG is learning a bit more about pet care and being gentle. With Z and P, they were pretty much enjoying the senior years and didn't have as much interaction with TG.