Saturday, October 16, 2010

Family Time

I think the issue between my husband and myself and friends is that in my husband's eye, our apartment should always be open.
For me, I prefer family time and family time takes precedence over friend time.
For me, dinner at the table as a family is important. For my husband, not so much. It used to, ok, it still does, annoy me that I have to be the one who sets the table, cooks the food and still call out at least three times before he comes to the table. He doesn't eat dinner with us often as he runs to school at night so the days he is around, I'd really like him to eat with us. But schedules always prohibit it. Either TG hasn't napped so she's super cranky and wants to start bed early or DH has to clean up dog poop or I have not time to make a meal. Why do I always have to cook? If I hear my husband say, "But you like to cook" one more time...
For me family time is sacred. Family time also includes Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, DH believes that Saturday and Sunday should also be open to playtime with her friends that she sees practically every day.
Far be it for me to deny her play time but there is something to be said about a family outing or family time together.
As a child, I remember every weekend was family time. My dad would work incredibly long hours but every weekend, he made it a point to do something with us. It meant alot and left a large impression on me.