Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkins vs Jack O Lanterns

TG isn't keen on jack-o-lanterns. She much rather prefer a whole pumpkin.
This I learned at the Jam-BOO-Ree and the Pumpkin Sail.
Maybe once she sees how are jack-o-lantern is made she won't be so afraid.
She's also not to keen on stilt walkers.
She likes jugglers though.
In general she is apprehensive of all strangers. I prefer it that way.
She doesn't take anything, even stickers from strangers or folks she see's weekly (church). She points to me or DH. We take the stickers and then she will come to grab one.
DH says this is good. He doesn't want her to take anything from anyone.
At the playground, if another father or mother offers help and it's not one of the moms and dads she knows well, she will stare down the person and then come to me and bring me over to where she is.
I hate to raise a cynic but in this city, sometimes you just have to be better safe than sorry.