Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm not building a rocketship yet

I'm seriously in a I hate people mood. (I'd search for the cat cartoon that I'm referring to but I barely have time to write this spew of thought.)
Sadly, this only confirms I'm a crotchy old woman as my birthday has passed and all I seem to do is complain about people.
I had another epiphany. Interruptions during mealtimes only remind me of how much it irks me that we don't have a real mealtime as a family.
Someone is always missing or one of us has to run around either trying to find something as background noise (some folks aren't keen on quiet dinners) or the same person is cleaning up poop or pee from our 10 week old puppy training area.
Mealtimes mean so much to me, especially since I'm bringing home the bacon, frying it up in a pan and cleaning said pan.
I sometimes feel like DH thinks I'm making a big deal out of mealtime. I think he thinks I want Norman Rockwell. Well, shucks, who doesn't, but I also understand that's not realistic. I just want to be able to have all of us sit down and not have one of us pop up as if we were a gopher game.