Thursday, December 09, 2010

Everybody toots

Ok, this is highly embarrassing but so funny I'm chuckling about it a day later.
We all try to sneak a gas pass.  It's human nature.
When DH and I were just the two of us, he'd blame the dog.  Nowadays he does either two things: hopes it doesn't stink revealing his dirty secret or he gets up and moves towards the window.
Most of the time the window thing barely works.  God love him for the effort though.
So flashforward to yesterday.
TG was at her play kitchen, which so happens to be by the window, completely concentrated on her play.  She was quite oblivious of what was going on around her.
DH spied some left over pizza on her table and went over to snag the last piece.  Then he walks away towards the kitchen. 
He comes back and sees our daughter standing still with her finger on her nose with the funniest expression we have ever seen.  It was a mix of disgust and confusion.  DH cops to letting one loose.  "Oh sorry honey, Daddy tooted."
I lost it.  I was in tears.  Her senses were so assaulted she was stunned.  She didn't move.  She didn't speak.  She just stood there in shock holding her nose for what seemed like a whole minute.
Apparently, this is a primal instinct.  I mean can anyone recall having to teach their kid to hold their nose? Other than when swimming or bathing, of course.  I mean we can all recall showing our kids how to cover their ears, their mouths, their eyes.  But I don't recall ever showing my kid how to hold her nose.
Anyway, that image of my daughter's encounter with the smelly kind is etched in my head.