Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Reading is fundamental

My kid has lost all interest in reading.  Ok not all interest but it seems like lately whenever we sit to read, her attention span is smaller.
DH is no help as he says that TG can read with me.  Way to go with team parenting, DH.
We used to be able to get through a book together.  Nowadays we barely get past three or four pages.
I'm sure it's a phase but it irks me so.  We used to have a good time reading together.
Maybe with all the Christmas stuff it's hard for her to concentrate.
It drives me nuts though that I can show her friend a book on a topic, like airplanes and show them the actual toy airplane and they are fascinated by the book and try to correlate the object in their hand with what's going on in the book.
Please tell me this is a phase or maybe I should focus more time on reading again.
Ever since DH placed our Dining Room table against TG's bookcase, she can't readily get her books.   I didn't think anything of it as she has a million books in her bookshelf in the bedroom.  Maybe I should try to bring her books closer to her again.
Argh...  Please tell me this is passing.
Must focus on reading again.