Saturday, December 25, 2010

Simmer down folks, one present at a time please.

Christmas morning was a frazzled morning.  Unlike last year which was a little more laid back I had to juggle a MIL who had the patience of a gnat ("Open another present.  Open another present.") on video conference and a daughter who only wanted to play with one toy at a time (am I the only one happy about this?).
Oh and DH is ill and the dog keeps wanting to go out and pee.
We settled in for a hot chocolate and ham and cheese bake breakfast and am happily deciding that everyone will stay in their pajamas even through Christmas dinner with my family.  I can't be bothered with prettying myself nowadays. 
I think next year, I'm going to ask for tickets instead of toys and books and clothes for TG.  It's just too much for the givers.  TG likes to take her time with her stuff.  Everyone else wants to rip open the present and then chuck it over the shoulder and move on.
I'm hoping TG will not be like this and stay the way she is carefully inspecting a gift and playing with it.
She loves her house.  She calls it 'my house'.  I added a large pillow as her 'couch and added her lantern and kitchen inside of it.
She loves closing the windows and doors.