Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Every year as far as I can remember, I've made cookies for my office.
I used to make a lot more but since the atmosphere has changed from a team oriented department.
I actually used to hold a contest.  The division within the department who donated the most to City Harvest would receive a large box of homemade cookies from moi.
Now, I'm just down to 30 bags of cookies.  That's still alot and every year I ask myself why I do it.
This year, I found myself scooping another batch to put into the oven when I caught myself asking why I do it.
For me, it's a small gesture to the folks that help me every now and then.  I mean, sure the place isn't like a family or a team anymore but that doesn't mean I should stop trying to be human with folks.
If I can find the time to make a small batch of cookies to share with them once a year, why shouldn't I?