Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Giant rats, a man cracking nuts, a cool uncle and a bunch of sugar plum fairies

My kid went to experience her first taste of the Nutcracker.
Bless DH as he took her.  She's only two and I refuse to spend $100+ on tickets for us when her attention span is just about the time it takes to boil pasta.
DH and two of her playmates headed downtown to check out a 1 hour version of the holiday ballet.
You'd think I would be a little sad that her first experience with a ballet or The Nutcracker was with him and not me.  I thought about it and I'm okay with it.
I'm not a big ballet fan.  I know that sounds ridiculous as my mother had me every class imaginable when I was a kid.
I recall my first trip to see the Nutcracker.  I got dressed like folks used to to check out a Broadway show.  I remember feeling like a big kid and really excited to go to my first ballet.
The most memorable thing I recall about the show was the houselights and the velvet-like seats.
I think I spent more time staring at the procenium arch than the action on stage.  Funny thing is, TG did the same thing at the recent Laurie Berkner Band concert.  That was a well worth the full price tickets I paid.
I don't think I bought the plot.  I know that sounds ridiculous but seriously, a rat king and a nutcracker that comes to life?  It just didn't seem like something a lucid person would write.   The beginning is great.  A big Christmas gathering.  I get it.  An eccentric uncle.  Cool.  A bratty brother who breaks a doll.  I can relate.  Then Clara goes to bed.  That's when they lose me. 
If there is that big of a rodent problem in her house that she's dreaming of giant rats, I think they are serious cleanliness issues in her home.
As you can tell, I wasn't your normal kid.
I suppose at some point, I'll take TG to a full version of the Nutcracker and she can develop her own opinion.  Maybe I'll get off easy and DH will take her.