Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas Day After

Gosh I love my family.  We had a leisurely Christmas dinner together.  It's not what I call the usual PG affair but we didn't need it.  No pressure.  Just relaxing and letting it be.
TG loved the mini sweaters that my mom knit for her Jay Raffe.  She also is very keen on the musical bells.  We keep two bells (A & F) by her home as they make the standard 'bing bong' sound of a door bell.
After the last few days, I'm beat and my husband could use some get well soon time.  I'm going to keep today low key. 
That's easier said than done when the first thing my sick husband wants to do is go to Ikea.  My husband is the type of person that puts something in his mind and it sticks there until its resolved.  He will nag you until you finally just go bonkers.  Because of this, most of the time I just give in because, well, I don't need a whining 40 year old to add to my 2 year old and puppy dog.
Today however, I had to put my foot down.
First, he's sick.
Second, there is a blizzard going on outside. 
DH: I'll be back in time before it gets bad.
PG: It has been snowing since 11am.  I had to go out and get provisions for us.  Provisions.  You don't get provisions unless something big is about to happen.
DH: But there is a sale.  No one will be there.
PG: I don't need to be the headline.  "Family found frozen in car filled with Ikea goods. Friends quoted as saying, "He was really excited about their sale."