Saturday, December 04, 2010

Dog Sweater

Our dog was given a green light to go outside and do her business. She went to the dog run with DH and TG for the first time and had a ball.
Of course, this also means that we bought our dog a coat.
The vet gave her a clean bill of health and said we need to make sure she wears a coat when we wear a coat.
I am officially a dog owner who dresses their dog.
The vet told DH that our dog can wear toddler sized clothing so feel free to raid TG's closet.
I'm sorry but I can't put my kid's sweater on my dog. Maybe if I had 8 kids, I'd reconsider but it's my daughter and most of her sweaters are from my mom and unless my mom makes a dog specific sweater for Tasha, I can't put my kid's grandma sweater on her.
I did give her some old fleece pullovers though so I'm not completely scroogey.