Tuesday, December 28, 2010


After all the running around, who gets sick?  Me and the dog.  We think the dog has something as her eyes are all gunky and she keeps peeing a stream.
Of course can Mommy rest when she's ill?  No.  Who rubs Mommy's back?  Who makes chicken soup for Mommy?  Who makes honey tea?  Who lets Mommy take a much needed nap? 
No one, that's who.
DH: Let's go to Ikea.
PG: Are you kidding me?
DH: Ok, you stay here and rest and I'll go with TG.
PG: And what are you going to do when you get back?  Put stuff together?  Where?  We still need to clean the areas and move things around while tending to our toddler. 
DH: I'll do it.
At this point, I'm wishing he would just say, "You are right.  I should take care of you.  Here, take the remote and the blanket.  I'll make you some tea and grab some kleenexes for you.  The quieter the environment the better."
PG: I don't want to start anything but I'd prefer you to take some junk out of the house before bringing more stuff in.  Let's get rid of the out dated dvrs sitting in your closet.  How about the old laptops and desktops?  If we got rid of them we wouldn't need to go to Ikea to find storage for them.  I'm not saying we don't need storage but some of this stuff we don't need to keep.
DH: We can get a dresser and put those boxes that you want me to put in storage in them.  What do you think?
PG: Ok, those boxes are stuff for our second child.  If you think it will be that soon that we'll have another, let's keep them here.  It makes sense.
DH:  {silence} Well, maybe I can just take TG out for a drive to let you rest.
They did go to Ikea anyway.  DH made his shopping list up and plans to go back when I feel better to pick everything up.