Monday, December 27, 2010

I can't whistle while I work so I'll sing while I shovel.

I really want to take TG out to sled for the first time today.
Unfortunately, after spending 3 hours digging my car out, I'm exhausted.
Yes, I, pantrygirl, dug our sportswagen (who are we kidding, it's a station wagon) out of the plowed in street.
Why did I do this?  I didn't need the car.  I didn't plan to use the car for the next few days.
Because, digging a car out of a iced in snow that was plowed onto your car is bad.  The sooner you do it, while the snow is still light and fluffy, the better.  20 inches of snow fall equals a car buried so high in plowed in snow, that it was barely viewable. 
I grabbed a shovel and started singing.  I figured it works for dwarves and compared to the snowbank I was shoveling, I looked like one.
I will say that it helps to be friendly and helpful to others.  It also helps to be a girl that is semi-attractive.  After sharing my shovel with two men, they came over and helped me clear some of the snow away.
DH said that my OCD helped in the situation as I even was able to clear the snow away from the bottom tires and I pushed the snow away from the car so that when the plow came back, they wouldn't trap us again.
Why didn't DH do it?  Because he is sick with a sinus cold.
I will say my shoulders did get a mighty workout.
Now if I can only feel my thighs again.