Sunday, December 12, 2010

Am I going to have to hide our presents in storage?

With the month of December upon us, my UPS delivery man is running on overdrive, especially to our apartment.  Both grandparents have decided that I handle Christmas which means I get the joy of figuring out what to get her from Santa, her parents and two sets of grandparents.  Not only that, I have the joy of receiving the packages, hiding them and then wrapping them, hiding them again and then figuring out how to get them under the tree before we head off to the in laws celebrations on the eve of Jesus' Birthday.
Don't get me wrong, this does help to ensure we don't duplicate gifts and she gets a well rounded distribution of clothes, books and toys.  Yes, I am big on books for gifts.  I like to keep with themes.  Books on aircrafts and toy wooden aircrafts, etc...  It helps keep the reading spark alit.
But at this time, the week before Christmas, I'm dealing with the insanity of boxes and more boxes and trying to hide them in our tiny apartment.  What am I going to do when she's older.  Won't a million boxes being delivered clue our kid that something is up?  I'm wondering how I'm going to get these presents wrapped and where the heck I'm going to stash them now.  What am I going to do when she's older?