Friday, December 24, 2010

The stockings were hung on the tree (no chimney) with care

All presents wrapped except for the last minute Christmas presents DH bought for TG's friends.  Yup, it happened.
Oh and he finally went to storage and brought back 4 kitchen boxes.  None had any appliances but as a bonus Christmas gift to me, the boxes did contain kitchen utensils that I had been saving up for kid.  Mini ladles, measuring cups, etc.  TG was in hog heaven.  She loved her own whisk.  Oh and my rolling pin is back.  TG looked at it and thought it was a plank of wood and asked me to carry it ala 'Make 'Em Laugh'. (I'll explain another day.)
The real reason he went to storage after two years of asking was to pick up his train set.  He set it up on Christmas Eve so that on Christmas morning along with the gift bonanza she's see a big electric train.