Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'd like to see him make a freaking Christmas cookie

For the love of all things...
So we had our first Christmas party of the season this past weekend.  TG's friend's parents hosted a lovely informal shindig.
With the help of TG, we made homemade hand rolled chocolate christmas cookies.
We made four lovely packages and decorated them with a scrapbook card addressed to each one of her super close playmates.
Since DH knows TG's friend's parents better, I left it to his discretion to figure out what to bring to the shindig for the hosts.
As we stepped into the elevator, "Are you bringing wine or something for them?"
"Oh, that is a good idea.  Too bad we don't have any."
"We have two bottles in the pantry."
"That's the special 2002 wine.  We should keep it.  I'll go to the wine shop."
"We are already 1 hour late."
"We'll you started it.  If you didn't mention it, I wouldn't have thought to bring it."
Strike one.
Each kid loved their homemade treats and devoured them.
The next day, one of her friends stopped by while I was at the cemetery visiting my dad.  They brought over a small gift for our daughter.
When I returned DH said, "They said you gave them their daughter's present yesterday."
"You just gave them cookies."
"Homemade cookies."
"I guess I'll have to find something to give them."
Ok, first of all, if we bought a present for every kid friend our kid has, we'd be broke.  Second, we are broke.  Third, we gave them a present.  I know he doesn't mean to but honestly, he doesn't know how much work goes into making homemade freaking cookies.  Fourth, I busted my butt and I took the time to slow things down and do it with our daughter so she could learn and also play with me.  His little sentence just belittled all the work I did making the darn things.