Monday, May 01, 2006

At least the urine wasn't green.

For Easter I was planning to make half a ham and some lamb. If you’ve been following my mother called me the day of Easter dinner and said she bought chicken and duck so I scratched the ham. Wow that a lot of meat.

Anyway, when we got back from Florida, I told my husband to be prepared for a week of ham because, well, I have a side of ham and I seriously need to cook it before it goes bad. See, I’d freeze it but we live in an apartment and my freezer is only so big. I want a separate freezer doodad but Lrudlrick and the rest of my friends and family think I’m nuts. Let’s see who thinks I’m nuts when homemade ice cream can be made.

So began what I can only describe to you as the great ham escapades of 2006. Every meal, and I mean every, had ham. Breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners all had ham. If it wasn’t the main component, it was a side. Ham pockets, Ham quiche, Ham stir fry. By Saturday, I honestly thought I’d finish the ham. I have a shank end left that I too sick of ham to even look at. I was about to make ham balls (I know this sounds disgusting but I’m running out of ideas. when Lrudlrick said, “I don’t think I can have anymore ham.” Full quote removed to save the innocent.

So I have a shank end left which is small enough to stick in our freezer because in all honesty, we’re both hammed out. I don’t think either of us can have ham again until at least Christmas.

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