Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another weird dream

Another weird dream last night this time it involved my water bottle.

Yesterday, I filled my water bottle with Cranberry Juice and water. I had nearly finished it but fell asleep before I could.

This is where my dream starts. I woke up like I normally do and got ready for work. No matter how early I wake up I always seem to be rushing out the door and just as I was making my way towards the front door I turned back.

Why don’t I grab my water bottle and finish the last of the cranberry juice on the bus. I opened my refrigerator door and the entire bottom shelf was crimson red. Unlike my real life fridge, my bottom rack had a lip to catch spills on all four sides. I lifted up my water bottle and it had a little dent and a half inch gash inside the dent. Miraculously it was still full but the crimson red water must have come from the bottle. Still nothing was spilling from the gash.

I woke up as I dropped my work bag and gently lifted the bottom rack to drain it in the sink.

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