Thursday, May 04, 2006

Back to cooking with gas...

With my Lenten sacrifice over and my mind on when if ever I will get my scores back, I've been hunkering myself down in the kitchen.

I’m on a kick. I want to know what makes a recipe a prize winning recipe. For the past two days I have made prize winning recipes without any alterations to the instructions.

So far, I’m not impressed. Don’t get me wrong, the chicken kabobs and Swedish meatballs were good but not great. The kabobs were a bit too earthy for my husband and the meatballs were bland.

L: “Why didn’t you just use your recipe?”
pg: “Because, I wanted to know what makes it a prize winning meatball.” L: “This is your new thing, isn’t it? Why mess with what you have that works?”

One of my big problems is that many of these recipes call for ingredients that are sponsor products. I’m not a big pre-packaged fan. I’m not a snob I just feel like I can make a perfectly yummy waffle and I don’t need to buy them frozen. Plus, I love measuring and mixing ingredients. The kitchen is my playroom.

Tonight, I’m giving Lrudlrick a break and making a simple salmon and pancetta angel hair pasta. It’s the quickie meal I make when I’m tired and want something yummy and satisfying.

I think the winners of the cooking competitions are all good recipes but it boils down to the judges’ tastes and preference. It’s all subjective. What is prize winning one day is not the next.

Take the kabobs. The liked the earthiness and thought it would be great in a pita with a dollop of sour cream. Lrudlrick, thought the cumin and cilantro overpowered the chicken.

I guess for me the true judge is my husband. If my notoriously finicky husband can devour a dish I prepare, I’m doing ok. Still, a cool blue ribbon would be nice.

At least I’m back in the kitchen and the flour is flying.

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