Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Jack Bauer Appreciation Day

Happy Jack Bauer Appreciation Day, everyone! I present to you the top five reasons my life is better with Jack around:

1. Diligence regained.
It takes dedication and heart to ensure my Monday nights are free from distraction.
2. Appreciation for girl geeks rises exponentially.
Ok, I know it isn’t Chloe appreciation day but without Jack, the world would not have met Chloe and the hundreds of Chloe’s out there. We may be crabby and bitchy but us computer geeks get the job done. Oh, and we also know where you’ve been surfing and we find you sick and repulsive.
3. Displaced aggression prevents Pantrygirl from going postal at work.
I’ll admit it; I love when Jack tortures someone. When Jack goes Special Ops, Pantrygirl gets giddy with excitement. Some days I wish I had the right to knock someone unconscious. Haven’t we all been in circumstances where a good chop to the back of the neck would free us of undue stress? How about the chance to shoot your boss in the back of the head? Ok, I like my boss so I’d never do that but I’m sure there are people out there who would. Disclaimer: Pantrygirl does not endorse such things in real life.
4. Cool gadgets.
So I’m never going to buy the Jack Bauer watch but I do have his Treos and the laptop they use. Although I’m pretty sure, I’m going to change my ringtone now that Logan is using it. Damn you Logan! It’s was the only decent ringtone in the preset menu. I'm also happy to see denim jackets, hoodies and tan leather jackets are coming back into style. Now, if only I can get my husband to use a man purse.
5. Perspective.
My day, no matter how bad it is, could never be as bad as a Jack Bauer day. A pilfered cupcake is nothing compared to having your wife kidnapped, raped and then killed or your daughter attacked by a cougar and a psycho employer.
6. Recognition of moles in office increased.
Ok, I said 5 but I have to make note that the guidelines noted at Blogs4Bauer only solidify my suspicions that I may have a Logan sider in my office.

Lrudlrick's 5 things learned from Jack Bauer:
1. Need a seat on the bus? Elbow person in face, pull out gun.
2. Need a seat on the subway? Elbow in face, pull out gun.
3. Need a seat on a plane? Elbow in face, pull out gun.
4. Need a seat at a restaurant? Tip maitre'de then elbow in face, pull out gun.
5. Skip the line at Starbucks? Elbow in face, pull out gun, drink coffee and do it again for fun.

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