Friday, May 12, 2006

Parent-proofing PC: Long distance telephone support

Successfully used phrases when talking to PC phobic parents:

‘when your computer is on, there should be a blue or green light in the front of the box’

‘look for a cord that’s not connected to anything’

‘square thingy with 2 spinny thingies on either end’

‘black cord with three slit like holes’

‘cord with a giant telephone cord end’

‘your TV (monitor) must be connected to the box (tower) in order to see what’s inside’

‘no, the TV doesn’t get it’s juice from the box. There is another cord in the back of the monitor that needs to be plugged into the power strip.’

‘hold the button down until the whirring sound stops. That means it’s asleep.’

‘the TV screen will go black when you turn off your box. That’s normal.’

‘no, the keyboard works like a typewriter. You don’t have to press the shift key for the number 2.’

‘the ‘Enter’ key is your carriage return lever’

‘the thin black cords with flat rectangle ends can go in anyone of those slots. It doesn’t matter the order.’

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