Monday, May 22, 2006

Must buy shoes to match checkered coat

You ever feel like you’re in limbo with everyone?

You need to get stuff finalized but someone is holding out?

I’m having that kind of day.

I need an answer for several items at work but I still work within the confines of the committee system so I must wait.

I need a confirmation from my husband on dates in June for a possible rafting trip but he’s on an important project and can’t be bothered.

I need my brother to install the wireless network software on my mom’s pc so she can surf but it’s a low priority on his to do list.

The old Pantrygirl would be going nuts now trying to figure out why everything moves at a bureaucratic pace. The new Pantrygirl is still annoyed but realizes that there is no need to develop a heart attack over these petty items.

Still, sitting in limbo sucks.

I’d offer some pithy story about my brother and I as kids today but I’m not feeling it. I know I said I’d try to be more diligent and put more of my childhood down for prosperity. Mainly so my husband can use them for future sanity hearings. I’m just not feeling nostalgic.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the effects of ‘The Enabler’. ‘The Enabler’ is the disease that strikes my family and my company periodically. Somehow I usually get trapped in the unenviable title of ‘Ms. Reality’. My mom calls it being rude. My husband calls it being honest. I call it the short end of the stick. I see how things will go but yet ‘The Enablers’ don’t want to rock the boat. I’m the devil that rocks the boat.

Why let something that is ultimately harmful continue when you can nip it in the bud now and get on with one’s life?

I’m not saying I have the answers but I know that what currently is doesn’t work. We need to revisit the solution and make adjustments.

It’s like the old corporate mentality, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

The problem with that is that it is broken but people are resilient and find workarounds to the process.

One of the good things about my new job is that there is fresh blood. Sure the pipe pumps water but why not fix those cracks and leaks instead of just plumber’s taping them? We know we still work in a bureaucratic system but with perseverance and a lot of nagging, we work together to get the job done.

I know the fear is that by pulling that duct tape, a flood will ensue. I’m not saying it’s pretty. Heck, it’s a lot of hard work. I never said it was easy. I just can’t enable. That’s not me.

I’m probably talking out of my ass but tell me one instance where enabling a person/process has lead to less heartache and pain?

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