Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pinched Pies. Swiped Cupcakes. What's the world coming to?

Ok, I just have to vent. I made these cherry blossom cupcakes for my husband’s office to thank them for taste testing pie. Lrudlrick forgot to bring them and instead took my keys but that’s another story which I will admit is my fault.

So I brought them to my office.

I would need an industrial size kitchen to make enough for my department staff so I individually went around giving them to the support staff. I left the container with 4 remaining cupcakes in my office and left the door open figuring I’m running back and forth. I just got back and a cupcake is missing! Now I’m 1 short for the IT team and I’m pretty miffed about the whole thing.

Sure I could give ‘Stephen’s’ cupcake to IT but I’m trying do be more Christian like plus I really don’t want anything remotely resembling guilt to come b/w the creepy relationship we have already.

So now I’m really pissed. A kind gesture of a cupcake turned into a reinforcement agent for my cynicism. I really don’t want to be cynical. I don’t want to go back to college girl Pantrygirl, the girl who wore doc marts and hated the establishment.

Damn you cupcake thief. I hope you choke on a walnut. Wait, strike that. You’ll probably sue me. Enjoy that cupcake for it shall be the last in a long while. {{Curls lower lip and shakes fist in air.}}

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