Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Am I subconsciously stalking a supermodel's toes?

Another strange dream last week.

This time, I’m in bed with my husband. We just made love and his head is on my lap as we fall asleep. With his head still on my lap and my hand stroking his hair he tells me that Stephanie Seymour has moved into our building and that he’s in love with her. Yes, this is the same Stephanie Seymour my husband said had dangling toes.He says that they’ve spent some time together and have a lot in common and that he never thought he’d connect with someone so easily.

I ask if he’s in love with her and if he’s done something stupid and he says he spent the night with her last night.

I push him off my lap and ask him if he’s crazy and he says he’s in love with her and that he’s really sorry and that he couldn’t help it. I meekly slapped him and he grinned and repeated he’s in love with her and that he never meant to hurt me.

Thoughts of what to do next flashed like lightning bolts. Do I kick him out? What do to with his stuff? What about the dogs? Could I knock down the shared wall between his closet and mine and make a walk in shoe closet? Would I have to see them together since she’s in the building? How the hell do you fight with a Victoria’s Secret model?

I felt dizzy with thoughts and emotions. I woke up screaming and in a sweat.

L: What’s the matter, baby?
pg: I had a nightmare you cheated on me with Stephanie Seymour and said you were leaving me for her.
L: Go back to bed. I wouldn’t be that foolish and stupid.
pg: Lrudlrick, if you ever leave me, just don’t cheat on me before you leave.
L: Go to bed. It was a dream…………. Wait, is that the chick with the dangling toes? Why the hell would I cheat on you with her? She’s probably got some weird virus from her toes scraping around on Manhattan streets. Do you want me to get some weird virus?
pg: I can’t sleep now. All I can do is think about Stephanie Seymour’s dirty toes. I’m going to the kitchen.

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