Sunday, July 24, 2011

Generation Gap

TG still believes every child drinks Mama's milk.  She knows dolphins and whales drink Mama's milk. She knows cows drink Mama's milk.  She knows Zebra's drink Mama's milk. 
I love that she believes this and it's very natural to her. 
It also makes me wonder how as a parent do we explain differences and how there can many different ways but that's ok.
I know for the most part it's something the child learns by himself/herself but it's important to also be the example you want your child to emulate.   Being a parent is not about enforcing or teaching.  I truly believe being a parent is about guiding and being a good example.  God blessed me with this beautiful gift and I need to care and nurture this gift given.
My MIL called upset that same sex marriage is legal in NY.  I won't go into the whole conversation nor will I go into details on my beliefs in this.  It lead to my MIL saying, "How are you going to teach your child morality with this in your backyard?"
I calmly explained to her that my daughter has many friends and acquaintances in our neighborhood.  Some are adopted.  Some are biological.  Some are of different races and ethnicities.  Some look like her Mommy.  Some look like her Daddy.  Some speak English.  Some don't.  Some who have two daddys or two mommies.  She knows there is a difference.  She also sees her friends mommies and daddies lovingly care for them and that I'm proud that she can see love and compassion in her daily to dos rather than hate and loneliness and pain.  If I try to follow Jesus' example and look at the surrounding love and compassion, it will guide me and my husband and my children.
She didn't seemed surprised but taken aback but what I said.  I know every generation is different and I know there will be things that I don't understand but things happen for a reason and I'm hear for a reason.  I don't have time to judge nor do I want to be a judge.  I want to show my child the love and compassion that is here on this earth and pray her beliefs and convictions guide her as she continues to grow.