Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Kids. Two Parents. Outnumbered?

Last night, DH and I tag teamed with nighttime parenting.  Usually I handle most of it so it was a nice reprieve for me.
DH said, "How are we going to be able to put two kids to bed on different schedules?"
I didn't have an answer.
I do know that we're not reinventing the wheel and other parents go through this too so we'll figure this out.
I think what throws off DH is that we don't put our kids on some set schedule.  We have routines.  We're not the type to say every day exactly at this time we need to do this.  Every day is different.  We know that we have to assist our daughter in getting 13 hours of cumulative sleep otherwise she's a hot mess the next day.  So each day is a math game.
Because of such, he (and I) wonder what #2 will be like.  Will he/she have a similiar need?  Will she/he need more or less sleep?  Will he/she desire yogurt while we read bedtime stories too?  Will she/he pee the Nile River like TG?
Unlike #1, I'm not going crazy with preparation and planning.  If anything, I learned with #1 that curve balls come left and right. 
This is new for me as my OCD drives me to prepare prepare prepare.