Monday, July 11, 2011

Can I sleep for 3 days now?

The party was a blast.  The kids really enjoyed it and it was a perfect refreshing break from the heat and humidity.
As soon as the party was over, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.
It has been a very rough week for us.  Between work, school and birthday, sleep has been few and lists have been large for Mama.
It was also very bittersweet for me.  This is our last birthday where it's just the three of us.  Yes, future birthdays will be great.  I'm not sure if it's so emotional for me because 1) I'm pregnant, 2) it's been a rough week 3) I'm realizing that I'll be planning this at least twice a year for the foreseeable future.
Back to the kids, they really seemed to have a blast and all the food was pretty much eaten.
I made a cucumber crudite treehouse, cheese and fruit kabobs, hummus flower sandwiches and banana oatmeal cupcakes.  I tried to keep the theme nature.
Kids loved the fruit kabobs.  I used lollipop sticks as I felt 3 years old shouldn't have kabob sticks as weapons.
The night before, my daughter kept waking up every 90 minutes asking questions about her party.  Is T going to be there?  Will they play in the water with me?  Can I wear my tree shirt?  Finally DH said to TG, "TG, you need energy to play tomorrow and if you don't sleep you won't have enough energy."
I don't know where the reserves were because as soon as 8am hit, that kid was riding her tricycle and scooter up and down the building hallways.  It was the only thing my husband could do to get her to release some of the energy while I made the crudite and fruit kabobs.
As soon as the party was over though, she fell out hard.  It was a super late nap but seeing as both DH and I could have used one too, we didn't protest.
DH dropped us off and went back to his studies. 
By the time I got home I received several texts and emails already saying the party was a blast and most kids were dropping to bed quickly.  Glad someone is getting rest.
I still have the thank you cards to do but that will have to wait.
The next week is another crazy school week for DH.  Anything that isn't life sustaining in our household will have to wait.