Saturday, July 23, 2011

Demonstrating to a child to be true to herself

I know the whole beliefs and differences in beliefs is going to be an ever changing and ever learning process for both my children and us as parents.  It's been on my mind for awhile.
Even between parents, there are different values and beliefs.  It's a confusing thing for an adult to grasp.
It makes me think about how my child, I am so blessed, seems to understand for the most part that we don't need a lot of stuff.  That we should be satisfied with what we have and appreciate what we have been blessed with.  A few weeks ago, we went to a store and she saw the cutest dancing Snoppy doll out there.  She asked to 'borrow' it.  (She hasn't grasped borrow versus buy yet.  She knows we borrow at the library and she thinks anything with a scanner now is a 'borrow'.)  I explained that it was an expensive doll and that we couldn't afford it.  She seemed to understand and she gingerly hugged it and said goodbye and said someone else might want to borrow it.  I was so proud.
A week later, we were at the grocery store and she saw the large bin of grapes on display.  I asked her if we should get red or green grapes and she replied, "Green but we only need one.  We don't need a lot of grapes."  I was so proud.  I grabbed a bag and she seemed very satisfied.
I know there will come a time when mass marketing will push and push the need for more stuff and brand stuff for that matter.  I know living in the US we will be inundated with this.  I just hope she retains this characteristic and remember stuff is just stuff.  It's not what is important.  I wonder how peer pressure will be handled.  I pray she's strong and holds to her convictions.