Monday, July 18, 2011

I need a scooter to push my belly around

I am so not a pioneer woman.  If this were Little House, I'd be Nelly and Lord would I need a Percival.
There is no way I'd be bringing in the sheaths pregnant in this heat.
What no refrigeration?  No washer and dryer?  No air conditioning?
I am such a wuss.
It's 95 degrees out today with real feel of 101 and an air quality advisory which has been in effect for the last three days now.
Essentially, you walk out of your shower and feel as if you need another one from the humidity.
The weight of the air is so thick and heavy I'm fairly certain it's pushing down on my belly.
ToF is still moving along, kicking and shuffling around.  TG saw movement two days ago and I explained it was ToF getting comfy and stretching. 
She greets ToF in the am now and talks to my belly.
DH turned to me and said, "Wow, you really look pregnant now."  Uh, did I not look pregnant before?  Seriously.  I knew what he meant though.  He meant I seriously look like what you see in television shows and movies.
Oh and my daughter this morning told me that I'm getting bigger in the front and back.   Thanks, darling.  I've always asked for honesty right.