Friday, July 29, 2011

Is technology or parenthood killing the art of conversation with my spouse?

I love my husband very much.
We talk alot throughout the day.
Most of the talk is via email and texts.
It's sort of semi-realtime discussion.
It's great.
Then I get home and the things I usually share with him, I've already shared.
That isn't so bad necessarily as with a child time to converse is minimal.
I get home and sit and hear about my child's day from her perspective.
So in a sense, my usual face to face convo with DH is now replaced with my face to face convo with my daughter.
I don't think this is bad but it sometimes makes it hard for DH and I when we do have time together.  I'm not complaining though because usually the time we do have together is at 12 midnight and I'm half awake folding laundry or doing dishes.
So when someone asked me if having a kid kills conversation, I want to say it may look like it because all you do is talk about the kid but that's still conversation. 
I think technology kills conversation more than anything.  Wait,  technology doesn't kill conversation but alters the method of conversation.
DH and I still talk, and yes mostly about our kids and pet, but we talk.  We just don't do it at the dinner table like we used to.  At the dinner table most discussions are about learning and experiences that our daughter has had during the day with an occasional splash of work banter.
It's like when they tell you to have date nights with your spouse and avoid the subject of your children.  Well, who else can you talk to your children about with such enthusiasm and non-opinionated banter than your husband?  And for the most part, I like to hear about my kids.  So does my husband.