Thursday, July 21, 2011

Funny how toddlers learn the word 'Why?" without being taught

Whoever is perpetuating the 2s being the rough year is a liar.
I passed the twos thinking, wow, that wasn't too bad.  I was pretty blessed.
No one tells you about the 3s.  Holy moly, 3 year olds not only know what they want, they know how to tell you what they want and at times has the obstinance of a 80 year old.
I must say I'm fairly blessed and TG is rather understanding but when she gets into that toddler 3 mood, it's a foreshadowing of what's to come during the teen years.
Her favorite phrase now is, "I told you to....."  eg.  I told you to lay down. I told you not to move.  I told you I'd be right back.
Every mom I've spoken to agrees 3s seem to be the tougher compared to 2s. 
I have to say though that she's semi-reasonable.  When I explain that we can't afford something or that she can't wear the blue sneakers because they have gum and need to be washed if I'm patient and rational, she seems to understand and move on.  She'll still ask 'Why?" but if the answer meets whatever toddler reasons are, she moves on.  I know some parents who have to kids who just won't take the answer.